Medical Program: IBD: IBD Preventive Care: Clinical Priorities for Best Patient Outcomes

IBD Preventive Care: Clinical Priorities for Best Patient Outcomes

Dr. Brian McDonough talks with Drs. Adam C. Ehrlich and John D. Betteridge about the top issues surrounding preventive care for IBD patients.
  • Overview

    From the ReachMD studios in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, host Dr. Brian McDonough leads an expert panel focusing on preventive care for IBD patients. Joining the expert panel are:

    • Dr. Adam C. Ehrlich, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University and Co-Medical Director of the Temple Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program, and
    • Dr. John D. Betteridge, Gastroenterologist at Lancaster General Hospital and Regional Gi Medical Center.  Drs. Ehrlich and Betteridge discuss the issues surrounding IBD with a focus on preventative care in patients.

    Discussion points include micronutrient deficiencies, immunosuppression, methods to maintain a well-balanced nutrient-rich diet, and communication strategies between PCPs and GI specialists to improve patient care.

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